We are without doubt the best car tinters in the Norfolk and Norwich region.

Some companies will offer a mobile car tinting service for this type of work, at ridiculously low prices.  We refuse to lower our standards - you have paid a lot of money for your car - don't ruin it with inferior workmanship.  Our window tinting installers are skilled and we use only the best quality car window film at all times.  Leave your car with us with confidence - we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Protect your children from damaging UVA and UVB rays - window film has a minimum SPF factor of 250 to SPF ratings in the thousands! 

Do your children travel regularly in your car?  Do they complain that they are too hot or the sun is in their eyes - making that journey seem extra long?  Fed up with stick on shades spoiling the look of your car?  Why not have film fitted - film can cut out up to  94% of glare and reject up to 70% of solar energy - and it blocks over 99% of harmful UV radiation!  

And don't forget about your pets, they can get very hot when left in the car for long periods, but they can't tell you!  Treat them to a car tint, keep them cooler and more comfortable - they deserve it! (we do not reccommend that you keep your pets in the car un-attended - window film will reduce the heat not cut it our completely.)

Call or email us for a chat and a competitive quote.  If you want the best for your car - come to us!  We stock a wide range of films and we never compromise on quality.

1st Call Glass Care - We Care for Your Glass & Your Car

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